Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's addictive. Once you get a good deal on an item, you have to try to see if you can get an even better one. There are certain items that I will never pay more for, now that I know the trend for coupons on those items. I haven't paid more than $1 for the following items in the last 6 months:
  • Activia Yogurt- never more than .50
  • Dish Detergent- always free
  • Pasta- never more than .25
  • Nivea bodywash-always free
  • Deodorant-never more than .50
  • Toothpaste- always free
  • Tooth Brushes- always free
  • Shampoo- never more than .50
  • Gogurt- never more than .75
  • Danoninos- usually free
  • Soap-never more than .50
  • Gum-usually free
Well, you get the idea. It's great to stock up by using multiple coupons!
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