Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm always looking for something to spice up holiday photos, so when my sister suggested this easy to make photo ornament I jumped on it. What a unique gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, or just about anyone on your Christmas list to share year after year.

To make this ornament you will need a small photo (approximately 2" tall), a clear glass ball, spray or liquid picture adhesive(I used one found at Michaels that would not corrode the picture over time), a brush tip, a pipe cleaner, and glitter.
  1. Add adhesive to the interior of the ornament. Spread with the brush tip attached to the pipe cleaner.
  2. Carefully roll the picture and insert into glass ball. Use the pipe cleaner to hold it to the edge of the ball, while allowing a few moments to dry.
  3. After the picture is affixed, add glitter to the inside of the ornament and roll to coat the entire ornament.
  4. Put topper back on the ornament and you're done!
If you're a good hand at painting- skip the picture and add a cute graphic to the front of the ball.
This one is compliments of my sister-I can't paint a stick figure!

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