Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to avoid the tapping feet behind you in line..

How many times have you been in line for your groceries, you pull out your coupons and hear the person behind you heave a giant sigh. Then starts the foot tapping, and the cashier rolls her eyes. Following are some tips to avoid the grumblies.
  • Try to shop during grocery store down time-weekday, mid-morning to early afternoon or late evening. Shopping just before the dinner hour will inevitably land you in front of someone who is trying to get home for dinner.
  • Organize your coupons, and check them all prior to getting in line. There's nothing worse than watching the person in front of you dig through their coupon organizer, attempting to find a coupon at the check out. (It ranks right up there with the person who waits in a long line, only to pull out their checkbook after everything has been rung up, and begin to write the check.)
  • Know the store's coupon policy in and out. Don't waste time arguing to use a coupon that is against policy. On the flip side, you would be amazed at how many times I've had a cashier tell me I can't use a particular coupon, and they end up being wrong.
  • Get to know your cashier's when possible. Personal connection creates a much happier cashier, but you can't win em all.
I have one cashier who cringes at the site of me(and I have my coupons in my hand and in order of what's in the cart.) She actually delights in stumping me, so I avoid her line at all costs. I recently read an article that stated the following:"A clerk's conscious or subconscious negative cues (deep sighs, rolled eyes, terse movements) are enough to discourage all but the most confident from using coupons. On the other hand, a clerk who implies that the customer is shrewd and admirably frugal can inspire the customer to use coupons more often." It would only make sense for store owners to educate their employees on this research, as stores want encourage coupon use.

In the end, I always try to keep this in mind. COUPONS ARE MONEY. Today, I stood in line at Harris Teeter, and I turned my coupons into over $100. No one's grumblies will be stopping me from getting $100 each week! I coupon with confidence, and so should you.

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