Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Choose Local Printable Coupons?

I was recently searching for local Delaware coupons, when I came across a blog for Delaware savers. They touted the advantages of subscribing to a coupon service that was for locals only. This peaked my interest of course, so I delved deeper. “Does this site have more advantages than mine?”, I wondered.

“Click here to access local printable coupons”,

so I click away. At which point I am directed to a national site for “local” coupons. Just another marketing gimmick.  Well, maybe they have a few coupons  for Delaware. Let’s check. Not a one!
This is what I have found time and again, and it refreshes my drive to continue building a genuine printable local coupon site for Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Coupons for the shops next door: The second Street Shops,Rehoboth Avenue Businesses, Front Street, Market Street-the places we locals shop. Continuing to support “our businesses” is imperative, and what better way to market them.
So it is with a renewed passion, that I will continue to connect local people with local shops via couponing. Be sure to sign up to receive updates on all the latest Deals on Delmarva!

It’s as Easy as Click,Print, $ave!

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